Cameroon xxxx xxx Editors note This is a guest post by Ozy Frantz. I do not necessarily endorse everything it says but I do contingently agree with a lot of it. Content note for profanity social justice stuff manosphere stuff and graphic descriptions of sex. I trust that any debate this kicks up will be marked by courtesy and good manners on all sides in a spirit of sincere collaborative truthseeking SAI. IntroductionA. What is the purpose of this postThis is the AntiHeartiste FAQ. It is meant to rebut some common beliefs within the manosphere about how human sexual interaction works. I am primarily arguing with the blogger Heartiste as he is one of the most famous and influential writers within the manosphere although I do briefly argue with other writers. I am also going to ignore the macrolevel beliefs about how human society wor

Tinder for 40 plus ChumpLady.comSo the other day we had a discussion going in the comments about cheaters who do it in the marital bed the family motorhome the truck etc. My opinion is these freaks are a certain subsetof cheaters the real sickos. Its not enough to cheat they get an extra kick from secretly debasingtheir chumps.I Know a Secret You Dont Know. It makes them feel powerful to see you unknowingly humiliatedthis way. Sleeping in their cumcovered sheets. Using the same towels as the affair partner. Sitting down to a nice dinner with their fuckbuddy. Accepting the affair partners gifts and presence atyour significant life events. They get to revel in your chumpdom and feel superior united in their dirty little secret. Coconspirators. Partners in crime.How delicious. How exciting.I imagine there are the cheaters whokeep their lives more nicely compartmentalized. Home life and double life do not intersect. You visit the escort you rate the escort. You travel for work you fuck at the conference. They enjoy a safer kind of cake. Well safe in terms of exposure. Not safe in terms of risk and STDs.So why the sicko cheater Why the great big FUCK YOU to the chumpI have some theories.1 Theyre lazy. People who want to fuck around unfortunately often dont have to look too far to find someone willing. A coworker a neighbor a family friend. All it takes is someone similarly characterless whos up for

Sex chat sites typing only sexy Heather Graham pictures1Just me on Oct 18 2008 at 744 pm Another unhinged racist attack. Obama is not running to change government hes running for overthrow government. Ayers wins.3JeremyR on Oct 18 2008 at 752 pm Zombie scores another direct hit with this one So much the LSM is willfully ignoring4SteveD on Oct 18 2008 at 831 pm Very well done. Congratulations on your sleuthing a responsibility the MSM has totally abdicated. Unless they are busy looking into the lives of private citizen plumbers.5Editor on Oct 18 2008 at 831 pm Anyone want to guess the odds on whether Ayers wrote the review himself or not6Ken on Oct 18 2008 at 831 pm Writing a tiny blurb of a review does not in any way mean that you support the actions of the author. If it does then I feel sorry for the guys who write the forewards of the English editions of Mein Kampf. Are they going to be implicated in a similar guiltybyassociation fashion as wellAyers was active when Obama was 8 years old.Charges against Ayers were dropped 20 years ago.This is a nonissue distracting us from the real issues. It certainly isnt any kind of deep relationship.7Zeno on Oct 18 2008 at 839 pm The fact is Ken that Obama LIED. And media objectivity died. By the way hows Barbie8Paul from Florida on Oct 18 2008 at 847 pm O